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Hearts Over Habits, is dedicated to the success and empowerment of our program participants. We are very proud of our sisters and their stories. We invite you to get to know the "why" behind our cause. We are here to see hearts renewed and lives transformed!



My name is Briana. I am 24 years old, and I have big dreams and goals. I am so grateful for the mentoring I have received since joining Hearts Over Habits. After years of procrastination I decided to go back to school and achieve my dream of being a nurse. I wouldn't be able to succeed without the help of my mentor, friend, and listening ear Mrs. Sharla Walker. I asked God to show me a way. I want to be successful even though the path to my dreams may be difficult and I doubt myself sometimes. She reminds me that my past does not have the opportunity to write my future. With in a few months of meeting Sharla she was willing to help me. She pushes me in the right direction and to this day she has never given up on me no matter what. Some days when I felt like giving up she helped me turn it around and reminds me I am not alone on this journey. Helping others is her passion. Sharla loves to see everyone happy, and she can turn a frown to a smile in seconds. I never had the motivation and support before and I thank God for putting a phenomenal, smart young lady in my life. Sharla has been a huge inspiration to my life and to others. I am excited that she will be sharing the tools she gave me with others.


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